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Title: Sony Walkman Re-Branding Concept   Company: Bagby   Client: SONY   Description: Co-Art Direction, Retouching

Title: TUL Stapler   Company: Pigment Creative   Client: Office Max   Description: Retouching

Title: TUL Pens Lineup   Company: Pigment Creative   Client: Office Max   Description: Retouching

Title: International Trucks Dealer Calendar   Company: Bagby   Client: Navistar   Description: Color Restoration

Title: 1954 Holiday Rambler Travel Trailer   Company: Pixel Rally   Client: Navistar   Description: Photography, Retouching

Title: Lifestyle Fashion   Company: Pixel Rally   Client: Nick Onken   Description: Retouching

Title: CFO Portrait   Company: Pixel Rally   Client: Navistar   Description: Retouching

Title: Tampax “Mother Nature” Ad   Company: Studio One East   Client: Tampax   Description: Retouching

Title: Lobby Redesign Concept   Company: Bagby   Client: Navistar   Description: Photography, Retouching

Title: Lobby Redesign Concept   Company: Bagby   Client: Navistar   Description: Photography, Retouching

Title: Merchandise Mart “Dream Home” Bedroom   Company: Studio One East   Client: Merchandise Mart   Description: Retouching

Title: Design Style Guide   Company: Bagby   Client: International Trucks   Description: Photography, Retouching

Title: Product Brochure   Company: Filtre Studios   Client: International Trucks   Description: Retouching

Title: Company Portfolio Sample    Company: Rhea + Kaiser   Client: Caterpillar   Description: Retouching

Title: Personal Work   Company: Pixel Rally   Subject: JSOH OshKosh PLS Vehicle   Description: Photography, Retouching

Title: Web Promotion   Company: Pixel Rally   Client: Wide River Winery   Description: Photography, Retouching